Stella and her family celebrating Mother's day in Atlanta.

   My good friend, Beverly Bremer, founded Mini Many Memories in 2004. I have been a customer of hers from the very beginning. As I have always said, it is “the most thoughtful gift that I did not have to think about year after year”. My friends and family did all the hard work of creating the Christmas card and all I had to do was send them to Beverly to turn them into a Christmas ornament for next year’s gift. Her invention honestly made my holidays brighter and less stressful. When my nieces and nephews moved out and had their own homes, I duplicated their family Christmas cards through the years so they would have their entire childhood of memories on their first tree. What a great wedding gift too!

    I am ecstatic to be the proud new owner of her clever creation. My family and I intend to carry on her great tradition of preserving memories to be enjoyed and treasured for generations to come at the most magical time of the year. The Martin Family is committed to continuing what Beverly so creatively began and we look forward to honoring her legacy and preserving your memories for decades to come.

   You may contact me at 888 502-8882 or via email at I look forward to getting to know you and to seeing your children and grandchildren grow in the future.